stupid me forgot to take out the CO2 thingy yesterday before going to sleep…today was a real disaster. 5 of my scissortail rasboras, 1 zebra danio and the two kubotais died today.. I had to scoop them all out, flush the dead away quickly while all the still living ones would be in the 30 liter tank as an emergency (I must say, Apple was very gentle, he did not annoy any fish). I was really scared that my 3 Amano shrimps would also die but they got scooped out quickly. The rest of the shrimps,.. well I couldn’t scoop them all out they were just to much. I counted 20 died.. A lot of females too, not sure if Ill be able to retrieve the eggs… I had to make lots of water change and clean the whole thing out to find all the dead bodies.. so yeah..My plan was to clean the 30 liter tank but I just didn’t have ANY time today. And since I was thoroughly cleaning my brothers aquarium I decided to re-scape the whole thing and make it a whole more clean-friendly than before. the whole thing looks a bit empty now, but I just want to keep it that way until I find some nice foreground plants or so.. I also didn’t have any time to go to the fish store so that will happen tomorrow. Im not sure if Im going to buy directly new fish now.. It would be nice though but I just don’t know.. everything is a mess!

this is the old big tank (how it used to look like (salad-soup):

brother's aquarium

how it’s now (empty!):


the survivors!

the survivors!

Cleaning day

Im cleaning my two tanks today. There’s a lot of work… I was for a long period of time on vacation -my brother was supposed to clean the tanks and feed the fish but he only did the bare minimum..- after that I returned to two dirty tanks. one was full of plants and the other was full of grayish poo and rotten plants. luckily none of the fish died then (only when I came back two days later one of the gertrudae males decided to go for a big jump). Anyway, I decided it was time to clean everything thoroughly.

I Started with the 20 liter tank since it was very dirty. I put my betta (Apple) and all the shrimp in a temporary tank in the meantime.

the temporary tank, as you can see they have a heater, filter plants and a lamp 

I was looking for her! she is responsible for the disco! ah-ha and she’s already full of eggs

Apple, being shy.

A LOT of plants had to be thrown away -they were completely rotten- and a big part of the sand had to go too… the tank looks like this now:

more news will follow tomorrow, when the water will be filtered. this tank will become the home of the gertrudaes and some shrimp. the other 30 liter tank will also be cleaned..