RIP Apple

Well, a week ago my precious Apple died. I guess he was a bit old.. He was doing just fine (I checked the water, everything is ok), but he was getting shy and didn’t want to flare or make bubble nests anymore.. at first I thought that it could be because of the other female bettas (too much stress?) but he was hardly chasing them (the girls were more busy finding baby shrimp). So yeah.. I don’t know what happened exactly, but he’s gone.

I know he had a good life full of plants to hide, shrimps to eat and space to swim. Im still not sure whether I should buy a new betta boy.. Ill see when Ill have more time/energy.

RIP Apple, You’ll be missed.

2014-04-06 11.08.14

The very first picture I took from him.

New neighbors!

I decided to put the rest of the Microdevario kubotais in the big tank (my brothers). the kubotais were chasing everybody away (including the shrimps and my betta). now they have a huuuuge tank that they share with the danios. they are doing great now.

I decided to put some of my shrimps in my brothers aquarium and after a few weeks there were hundreds of them! all beautifully red! (pictures will follow).

my betta is still in the 30 liter tank but needs to be cleaned (too much plants). He’s doing all right (pictures will follow)

and now the big news:I bought 3 male pseudomugil gertrudae a month ago but one decided to jump.. BUT my boyfriend decided to give me 3 more females gertrudae and one…female betta! She is beautiful but I still haven’t got time to take good pictures of her since she is very shy and moves constantly! We decided to name her Pebble. The gertrudae males do flare more now and are showing all their beautiful colors now 🙂 Ill try to take some pictures soon

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 12.55.13

this picture is not mine, its a screen shot from the flickr page of Peter Maguire.

the plants are finally growing!

I can finally say: my co2 installation payed off. I was skeptical about it because sometimes my set gave no bubbles at all (so I had to shake the bottles every day). After adding two more bottles to my set (counting now 4 bottles), the bubbles are now constant. the plants are quickly growing and are bright green. Everything is going well now. I don’t even have to clean a lot (but of course I do it every week). It’s almost self-sustainable 😀
I tried to take some pictures of the zebra danio but these little buggers are so damn fast!

Here is a little evolution of my brother’s (it’s not really his anymore but I still call it like that).
ps: make sure to check the update video  of this tank!

2014-08-02 17.04.11

1. the very beginning: putting background plants in the foreground >.< I knew nothing of plants. constant green and brown algae


2. when I actually gave up and wanted to sell the thing. no fish survived. the filter system was worthless.


3. I gave it another try. new sand, new stones and new filter system.


4. It got eventually better, but everything was still pretty empty.


5. grow grow grow little plants!