a little shrimp update.

Theres nothing much to say about them this week.. I cleaned their tank but before doing that I had to scoop them out. I finally could see them all at once (counting 3 babies) and one shrimp that looks more like a blue fairy.. anyway, they are all doing fine. no deaths which is good news ūüôā Ill try to take some pictures of them later.


update 28-02-2015

Here’s an update of all of my tanks (counting: 4 now..I think Im addicted; I really need to stop now). The first one, a +-10 liter planted tank, is¬†currently on my little ikea table surrounded with chamber plants. I had to buy a¬†clip-on lamp though, but Im happy I did it because the plants are growing well. I re-used one of the HOB filters and the shrimp heather (Im planning on selling the other one since I will not use it anymore). The NO2 and NO3 levels are still wayyy too high, but Im patient. I still have to wait at least 2 weeks.

oh and as future inhabitants: I really¬†like yellow shrimps and maybe one or two snails. the tank’s function is to grow little plants though.. because you always need more plants!

citroen garnaal – yellow shrimp – neocaridina


I have good news for the second tank! I saw the baby shrimp again! yay, he survived (I could not take any good pictures of him, he’s soooo tiny). Im planning on buying new red cherries soon because 3 females died (found the problem but I¬†still need to go to the store). ¬†I also added a little bit more sand, to make the background a bit higher, the tank looks¬†bigger now and there’s more light for the plants (see before and after pics).¬†The anubia’s are growing very well, I have two new leaves already!


before: messy with plants growing everywhere.


after: more space and light enters!


The betta tank is also doing really well! The plants are growing fast and all inhabitants are are less shy (they often come closer to my finger now). Apple is a very friendly betta, he really doesn’t care about the buzzing kubotai’s (I love them, they are very active and so nice to look at) the scissortail rasboras are also less shy, and getting bigger everyday. their tails are bright yellow and black now (used to be¬†light grey when they were¬†stressed).


The last tank (the biggest) had some problems.. the tank is still empty, because of the high NO3 and NO2 levels. I tried to add as much as possible plants, to make the process quicker. I recently found out that my tap water wasn’t ideal for the tank (PH =¬†HIGH, KH =¬†super LOW, GH too, NO3 =¬†high) so I started using rainwater now, It’s better but the KH is still very low and KH is okay’ish.. so yes, I have a slight green and brown algae problem,¬†but Im planning on making a good bio-CO2 set to lower the PH and give the plants a boost.


update tanks

While I was at the festival of Angouleme (A huge comic festival held in France every year) my cat visited my room.. apparently I left my door open and.. guess what he did.. Jep he annoyed some fish to death. Now im not going to be angry at him, its just his nature. and honestly I should have checked my door before leaving but I was in such a hurry that I probably forgot.
So here we are again, with another RIP post..

and the worst part is, I cannot even show you which fish died, since I don’t even have a picture of them.. It was the last red platy (he was the survivor) two neons (also the last of their little pack) and 4¬†scissortail rasboras. What’s left of it? 4 traumatized¬†scissortail rasboras…

I don’t want to end this post with such tragic news, so Im going to show you how my tanks are doing now (without the kitten!), the plants are growing well, I even had so much javamoss left that I decided to make a javamoss-wall.. not sure how the final result will be.. but we will see. I read that the freshly made wall needs to have lots of light and a strong water current to grow even better. I also started another little tank; more as a quarantine tank for emergencies, because with my cat, I feel that Ill use¬†that tank more often! ofcourse, because I added plants and substrate the whole tank cannot be used for at least 4 weeks..

the rescued scissortail rasboras have been put in a little cage in the betta tank.

2015-02-05 19.03.13

I still have a huge amount of javamoss left, so I put the rest in a jar.. hoping to make another wall when I have enough time.

2015-02-05 19.04.03

my DIY javamoss wall.

2015-02-05 19.04.21

the new quarantine tank.

2015-02-05 19.04.30

the betta tank; you can see him on the far right, next to the cage, that’s were he mostly likes to sleep. the little cage inhabits 4 scissortail rasboras now.. yes it’s crowded!