The owner

Im Pebble, 21 years old. Im currently maintaining 3 different tanks. I have a big passion for animals (fish, shrimp, cats, dogs, horses..).
I created this blog to make a follow up on the life of my betta fish and my shrimps. This blog is not something serious or official, its just more for me, to get to know more about my fish, my tank and everything else. I will share my experience with you guys as much as I can. Ill be posting a lot of stuff (2-3 posts/week).

I would really like to interact/chat with other fishlover/tankholders here 🙂

So if you want to chitchat with me, just send an mail or comment, I WILL respond.


–> this is me                                             –> this is my cat

ffc6b4af91ac401c79f9d60142c444a8  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA






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