RIP Apple

Well, a week ago my precious Apple died. I guess he was a bit old.. He was doing just fine (I checked the water, everything is ok), but he was getting shy and didn’t want to flare or make bubble nests anymore.. at first I thought that it could be because of the other female bettas (too much stress?) but he was hardly chasing them (the girls were more busy finding baby shrimp). So yeah.. I don’t know what happened exactly, but he’s gone.

I know he had a good life full of plants to hide, shrimps to eat and space to swim. Im still not sure whether I should buy a new betta boy.. Ill see when Ill have more time/energy.

RIP Apple, You’ll be missed.

2014-04-06 11.08.14

The very first picture I took from him.

3 thoughts on “RIP Apple

  1. My sympathy to you re Apple. Truly a beautiful fish! I love the beautiful Anubias plants in your tank!
    Bettas don’t live very long. I’ve lost tons of fish over the years; i am used to it. I’ve had tropical fish for 54 straight years now. Even while away at college, i had a large aquarium in my college dorm. I now have 9 aquariums and all of them have various fish that were born in my tanks. It’s an awesome hobby! Keep doing what you are doing! 🙂

      • I clean them, taking out around 70% of the water in each aquarium, once a week, all during the same day. I use a no-spill-clean-and fill-hose, so don’t have to carry buckets. The tanks together total almost 700 gallons. Cleaning day is a full-time job! I never bred bettas, but a long time ago i bred Blue Gouramis. Now i really like corydoras catfish species, and rice fish, such as Daisy’s Neon Blue Ricefish and Indian FeatherFin Ricefish. 🙂

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