meet Pebble II and Derp

So I realized, I never put up any picture of Pebble II and her new friend… I must say the lasts months have been hectic for me and I totally forgot about my blog. In the meantime I took plenty of pictures to show you the progress of my tanks.. but never got the time to upload them so beware: plenty of posts will come today 🙂

but first let us start with a little introduction of the new Pebble (the second). I chose a darker (striped) female this time since the first Pebble was a tiny white one.. I bought her in a -horrible- place, which is my town’s fish shop.. She was the smallest of the group and all her fins were broken/bitten. I decided to give her a chance so I bought her (1 euro since the owner didn’t think she would make it). After a week or so she started to get more colorful and fat. her fins healed quickly and she was this adorable curious little thing. Apple didn’t like her so much, he was always chasing her around because she was too curious. She was much more active so I decided to move her into Apple’s tank (and put him in her’s).


here’s Pebble, looking very tiny..


Apple’s not amused to be put in another tank..

After a month I decided to give her a friend (from another shop that takes care of their animals). At first I wasn’t planning to buy another betta since they kind of fight all the time.. but after reading different blogs and post threads (that were saying that there’s no problem in keeping several betta females as long as there’s space for them) I decided to give it a go. My boyfriend bought me Derp (he chose her name), a red/pinkish female. So here they are: looking all good and fat:

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