Apple’s tank (update)

So here’s Apple’s tank  (what it used to be). It was okay, pretty green, like a salad soup.. but I always wanted to make it a little bit more open so that I could see the actual fish swimming around instead of a salad..
I never had the energy and time to take all the plants out and rearrange them.. but this week I finally managed to do so. I was already looking for a good foreground/middle plant that was easy to take care of but they often cost much more than the good old background vallisneria..
last week I had the chance to buy so plants from somebody on facebook and he offered good grass-looking middle/foreground plants, so I took my chances and bought 30 of them! I also to clear out a huuuuuge amount of plants from the other (20 liter) tank. It’s just getting even more difficult to clean when there’s green everywhere. The whole thing looks a little bit empty now but don’t worry, the plants will start to grow soon enough! Oh and, in the meantime, Apple’s having fun with all the other fish in the big tank (pictures will follow!)


step 1, take the fish and wood piece out


step 2, take all the plants out


step 3, plant the new ones!


the tank after cleaning

the tank after putting all the plants from my other tank!

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