Apple’s social skills: bff with Derp

While working on the two other tanks I decided to put apple, pebble and Derp all together in the big tank. I started with the two females since they were less aggressive. They chased my shrimps and guppys around but after a while they calmed down. now they just don’t care about the other fish and stay always close to each other. they still love the occasional chase-the-fattest-shrimp but everything is calm. After a while I decided that it was time for Apple to move. I put him in a little cage for two days before letting him free. luckily nothing bad happened between the betta’s. Apple has very long fins and prefers to stay in narrow places where there’s less current while Derp and Pebble keep playing with the shrimp.. there has been some flaring but nothing really terrible happened. Apple is more interested in Derp though. they often look for each other without flaring or nipping.. it’s nice to see. Anyways, Im not planning on leaving Apple there for the rest of his life, he will eventually come to the 20 liter tank where he can just nap whenever he wants to without being chased away by zebra danio’s.

I took several pictures of Apple and Derp. The love, love loooove

Im planning on making a little move about them 😉 it’s more interesting to see them in motion..



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