The cleaning continues

now that the 20 liter tank is clean and shiny Im going to attack the bigger one. I sincerely don’t know what to do with it. Ideally I would like a lot of grass or low, foreground plants that cover everything and a piece of wood with anubias and moss in the middle. I think it would look much better than the salad soup I have right now. The amount of vallisneria gigantea and nymphoides sp taiwan that I had to remove was HUGE and Im still not finished! Im planning on giving them all away. tomorrow Ill go the aquarium store and see what foreground plants they have..but Im doubting they will have healthy plants. I already checked, there are a lots of quality websites that offer a huge variety of aquarium plants for a very nice and correct price (see links below).

here’s website number 1

here’s website number 2

and here’s website number 3

lots of nymphoides sp taiwan


and LOTS of vallisneria gigantea, these plants can easily live in ponds too so im going to give them away to my boyfriend’s grandma 🙂

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