New neighbors!

I decided to put the rest of the Microdevario kubotais in the big tank (my brothers). the kubotais were chasing everybody away (including the shrimps and my betta). now they have a huuuuge tank that they share with the danios. they are doing great now.

I decided to put some of my shrimps in my brothers aquarium and after a few weeks there were hundreds of them! all beautifully red! (pictures will follow).

my betta is still in the 30 liter tank but needs to be cleaned (too much plants). He’s doing all right (pictures will follow)

and now the big news:I bought 3 male pseudomugil gertrudae a month ago but one decided to jump.. BUT my boyfriend decided to give me 3 more females gertrudae and one…female betta! She is beautiful but I still haven’t got time to take good pictures of her since she is very shy and moves constantly! We decided to name her Pebble. The gertrudae males do flare more now and are showing all their beautiful colors now 🙂 Ill try to take some pictures soon

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 12.55.13

this picture is not mine, its a screen shot from the flickr page of Peter Maguire.

6 thoughts on “New neighbors!

    • Betta’s don’t nibble on plants so you have a lot of choice! not sure if you use CO2 or have a good lamp but if you do you can definitely put whatever you want. I use anubia’s on wood, different kinds of moss, bacopa is a nice middle and background plant too, crypto’s are nice too, egeria densa is very effective, the vallisneria kinds are also pretty but be sure to choose a mini or nana version. Here’s a very good website that give enough info about different kind of plants (ranging from easy to care to hard). then go to plants or plant care:

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