the plants are finally growing!

I can finally say: my co2 installation payed off. I was skeptical about it because sometimes my set gave no bubbles at all (so I had to shake the bottles every day). After adding two more bottles to my set (counting now 4 bottles), the bubbles are now constant. the plants are quickly growing and are bright green. Everything is going well now. I don’t even have to clean a lot (but of course I do it every week). It’s almost self-sustainable ๐Ÿ˜€
I tried to take some pictures of the zebra danio but these little buggers are so damn fast!

Here is a little evolution of my brother’s (it’s not really his anymore but I still call it like that).
ps: make sure to check the update video ย of this tank!

2014-08-02 17.04.11

1. the very beginning: putting background plants in the foreground >.< I knew nothing of plants. constant green and brown algae


2. when I actually gave up and wanted to sell the thing. no fish survived. the filter system was worthless.


3. I gave it another try. new sand, new stones and new filter system.


4. It got eventually better, but everything was still pretty empty.


5. grow grow grow little plants!






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