let’s get it started!

Remember this dirty mess? brown – green sand (that used to be white), lots of rotting plants, no water flow lots of green and brown algae.. and dying fish. Yep this was the 180 liter rio of my brother. We decided to sell this tank because he didn’t want to take care of it anymore (let us call it the ‘depression period’), and I did not have enough time (and money) to restart the whole thing..

2014-08-02 17.04.11

for 2 months it was for sale. The best offer we received, was 120 euros. I wasn’t convinced. I just didn’t want to let it go. we had so much fun making this tank, choosing the fish.. patiently waiting for everything to grow.. it was a real memory tank and even for that amount of money I did not want to get rid of it…

6 months later, we still have the tank, unused. I still do not have a lot of time but I have more money, I can plan my free time (and work time) better and my brother started working and his depression is getting better now. He starts the re-enjoy things he used to do, like reading, listening to music and.. taking care of his tank. We decided to restart the whole thing. I bought tons of sand (now its more beige than white, more natural, prettier), lava rocks (they are beautiful!) and a new pump (the Eheim, see previous post).

So this is how the tank looks like now (the spiderwood is floating again so well have to be patient, but it will be placed on the far right in the back). I used several product of HS aqua (water starters mostly) and ferro and profito for the plants. Im planning to make a DIY CO2 set too.


all pictures are taken with my cellphone, sorry for the bad quality..


the left side, and the intake of the filter. the moss had just been adjusted to the stone.


the far left, with moss, one little anubia (more will come, I love anubia’s) and the outtake of the filter.


my little mosswall.. It doesn’t look good but this is just an experiment. well see 😉


the anubia nana with moss


and the hero of the story: the filter (sorry for the surrounding mess, I still need to clean that up)

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