good news! (finally)

Guys guys guys!

I have finally good news! This morning, when I was cleaning the shrimp tank I found a baby shrimp! It was sooooo tiny but fiery red! I immediately stopped cleaning and changed 20% of the water. I can’t wait to take pictures to show you!

and also: my brother finally took the decision to buy the classic Eheim 250 extern filter for his tank. We already changed all the sand (I could not be saved, it was completely green..) and tested the Eheim filter. I must say, it’s very quiet and yet very powerful. Im happy I did not buy the JBL christalprofi e901 It would have been way too strong for a 180 liter tank…

the EHEIM filter was expensive but im pretty sure he’ll last forever :3 plus I have a guarantee of two years at the store. yay!
I still need to buy some stones now and fill the tank with plants.. but first I wanted to try out my DIY CO2 system..

2 thoughts on “good news! (finally)

    • It was a complete set so I already received these parts with the filter… the sera filters are also pretty good and easy to clean (but I never used them for 180 liter tank).

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