well this really sucks..

when I was cleaning my shrimp tank today I let the lid open while I was at the bathroom to fill a new bucket of water. The baby halfbeak decided it was time go and jumped out. I only noticed it when I was ready with cleaning.. I searched everywhere! I took out several plants, checked on the ground, between the anubias, even in the other tank didn’t escape from my desperate search. I heard a little noises but didn’t knew where they came from.. after 15 minutes of looking I found him. He felt right behind my tankshelf. he was already dried up when I found him, there was nothing I could do.

pretty sad huh? well I think it’s a pitty, this little fella was the last survivor of the halfbeak-generation, I wanted to see him grow and become even bigger and faster, but because of a stupid mistake I changed his whole course of life…

Next time, ill be more careful while cleaning. RIP little fella.


ps: my boyfriend already told me that he was going to buy a less suicidal fish for me, sweet 🙂

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