(big) news news news!

Hi guys!

I promised to make another review,.. well here it is!

Let’s start with the oldest inhabitant: my betta, Apple. He’s still doing fine, he is always very proud to show off his beautiful colors, I bought new food flakes for him since its always better to change his food now and then. He eats them without complaining 😀 oh and, he changed a lot. He used to be more bossy and territorial but right now, he just doesn’t care (you’ll see what I mean at the end of this post).


My shrimps are still doing well, none died so there’s still 10 shrimps in my tank. they get very big and red, which is nice. I read somewhere that they actually like pollen (which I totally did not knew!). luckily I have pollen, lots of it. why? because that’s a big part of my OWN breakfast in the morning.. Im sure other people like them too.. its actually just like honey but the taste is less sweet.

this is what I eat on my bread in the morning, it’s very healthy and better than Nutella.

Anyways, the shrimps LOVED it so I recommend it to everyone who has shrimps in their tank(s), give them pollen!

-oh oh oh and good news, I spotted a pregnant shrimp, again! lll take more picture when Ill be home-



look at him, he’s so pretty!

My little baby halfbeak is growing very fast, he even eats the big boys pellets now. Im thinking of putting him in another tank maybe where he’ll feel less lonely (not sure which tank though..). He swims very fast now and I have seen him follow my shrimps.. not for eating or whatever but I think he just sees them as one of his kind.

Finally, we have the big news!
I bought new fishies! yayyyy (more pictures will follow)

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