Tank cleaning and fotoshoot!

2014-10-12 13.58.31  2014-10-12 13.59.59

Hi guys,

As you can see on the pictures I have some problems with algae that keeps growing.. I hoped that this problem would go away when I bought the right lamp and profito (+ferro) for the plants, but it got even worse so now Im just panicking… This tank was supposed to become the prettiest one but I keep having trouble with it.. I thoroughly cleaned the plants, grind and filter today but there’s still a lot of algae..
On the other hand, before cleaning I decided to put my betta in a separate tank so he wouldn’t get stressed out so much. I finally took some good pictures of him posing!     2014-10-12 14.35.49  2014-10-12 14.37.19  2014-10-12 14.38.19  2014-10-12 14.38.44  2014-10-12 14.41.102014-10-12 14.40.30     2014-10-12 14.41.17 2014-10-12 14.41.48

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