shrimp update


I cleaned my shrimp tank today… The plants are growing way too fast, I constantly need to cut them but I guess that’s a good sign. The shrimps are getting bigger and all the females are pregnant. I have never seen a baby shrimp before so Im super excited! The other baby halfbeak is still in the shrimp tank (he’s not dangerous for them, He’s still very tiny) and is growing and eating well. I still can’t take great pictures of them since they’re so tiny (and fast!) my camera was dead even before I wanted to make a little video of them so Ill just show the latest pictures of them.. I also noticed that my anubias are getting bigger, I spotted two new leaves this week (Profito is working!).

2014-10-12 18.12.37 2014-10-12 18.12.28  2014-10-12 18.12.07   2014-10-12 18.11.05

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