Apple update

I cleaned my tanks today and and I saw that  two shrimps died.. I still don’t know why but I guess poor water conditions. I cleaned everything thoroughly today and even took some plants out that weren’t growing in my betta’s tank (the dwarf hairgrass) I think that’s because I still don’t have a suited lamp for my tank (I currently use two ikea lamps that don’t give a lot of light..). I also cut a bit of javamoss from the shrimptank. The moss is growing extremely well :D! I even installed a little ‘moss carpet’ on my HOB filter (now lets hope it’s going to grow). I also took the chance to take some pictures of apple with his catappa leaf.

2014-08-02 17.18.34        2014-08-02 17.18.412014-08-02 17.03.01      2014-08-02 17.03.382014-08-02 17.18.48       2014-08-02 17.45.142014-08-02 17.42.45

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