shrimp update!

So I cleaned all the tanks today and I took the opportunity to count the shrimps. Turns out I have 12 left (so.. 2 died but I never found any body). The flowers of the anubias aren’t going well either. the second flower completely rot from the inside. Maybe it’s because I stopped giving profito because I bought something else for the plants and I also added more ferro today (maybe a bit too much). But well see, I hope all rest of the plants are going to be okay next week.

after the cleaning I gave the shrimps some pellets and they loved it (or were very hungry)!

I was looking for a better lighting for the tank of my betta because the plants don’t seem to grow really well although they have plant fertilizers, co2 and ferro.. I did something wrong but still do know what..

Im maybe also planning to do another blog about drawings and art but im not sure yet, I won’t have a lot of time in august and september.. I was also planning to buy 5 females for my sorority but checked the shipping prices and they are horribly high (I would pay -+ 50 euro/betta). I spotted different females that are reallllly stunning but they will be probably sold by then ;D 

IMG_2499 IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2502 IMG_2503 IMG_2504 IMG_2512 IMG_2513

4 thoughts on “shrimp update!

  1. Once of my red cherry shrimp died 2 days after I insert it into the tank…it has been attacked by a fish, witch one I don’t know. No death beside that. Here in Quebec our local pet stores recieve bunch of 12 bettas per week and they are often all sold within days…its a small town of 25 000. sad you cannot find what you want without ordering.

  2. Yes, shrimps die very quickly and sometimes it’s not even the fish but just poor water quality so you can never really know… I used to have blue pearls swimming but they all died..
    Quebec wow ! It must be really tricky to find good bettas then, here where I live, I can only buy bettas in petstores (there are little to no betta breeders in Belgium) so I can’t be picky either, most bettas in petstores are really ugly or sick or already very old..

  3. Hi there! Thanks for liking my post. I assume you’re in Belgium (and can’t understand Filipino), so I’m a bit sad that my blog isn’t offering content in English (or Belgian–is that the right term?).

    Anyway, it looks like your anubias flower is under water, and that’s why I think it is rotting away. They usually produce flowers out of the water. I agree with your water quality theory when it comes to the dead shrimps (my deepest condolences). Why not try buying affordable CFL lights? If they’re “daylight” types, they should do. Just look at the label and pick one that has like 6500K color temperature and high lumen output so the light can get to the bottom of the tank.

    Finally, Apple looks really cool. The shrimps are… well… tasty? Hahaha! I like shrimp (for eating).

    • Hi there, sorry for the late answer but I don’t have any problem translating your pages so yes I (suddenly) understand Filipino (thank you internet!)
      about the anubias, I did not knew that! that explains everything now.after the dead shrimps I did not have any problems any more (I dropped the temperature and amount of ferro though, that could be the changing factor).

      I still have a growth problem in the other tank,.. (and because my fat cat broke the lid the temperatures are dropping, even if I use a heater..) ill for those clip lamps and a lid!

      shrimps ARE tasty! just not the kind I have in my tank 😀

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