Apple and the shrimps

Well here are some pictures of Apple, he is much larger and fatter; right now Im giving him a lot of food since Ill be on vacation in september (the whole month) so he’ll have plenty of time to fast. My brother will check on him and hopefully also clean the tanks. Apple is still doing great though.

IMG_2472 IMG_2473 IMG_2474

My shrimp are also doing good, the are huge and bright red!  I had some problems with a rasing temperature the last weeks but now I just unplugged the heater and check the temp. now and then. it was 28C˚ and now its gotten better (25-26 C˚) But it’s still waaayyy too hot for shrimps…

IMG_2475IMG_2476   IMG_2478IMG_2477

The plants are also growing here, every anubia has a flower now! They’re beautiful and bright yellow. The moss is also growing, the shrimps love it.


4 thoughts on “Apple and the shrimps

  1. Hi there, your betta is very similar to mine in shape, except for the color and we have the same tank. How he’s doing with the shrimps? I read a lot of thought about putting betta and shrimps together…My tank is well planted and there is plenty of places for them to hide, but as my betta is very active and reactive Im a bit afraid about putting little shrimps…I would like to know more about how its going into your tank between them..

    • Hi there,
      I wasn’t sure too and I also made some research before. Apparently it all depends on the character of your betta… I was afraid first because mine is very territorial, he’s always flaring, he never stopped chasing my other betta (that I had to put in another tank btw). So, yes I really understand your concern but if you are still planning to put them together I can tell you how it went for me:

      1. your shrimps MUST be put first in the tank, so they know directly where the hiding spots are and it gives them time to explore their little world.
      2. In the meantime, if you don’t have another tank just put your betta in a little cage (I used those breeding cages, very handy because they come with a lid) in the same tank.
      3. I waited 2 weeks before attempting something else. My betta was very bored after two weeks in a little cage so I decided to split my tank in half (using plexiglas I drilled the holes). The problem was that the shrimp could swim right through the holes so my attempt did not really help… every time I scooped the shrimp back in their half of the tank but as you know, it’s annoying.
      4. I just decided to do it. I took the plexiglas out and hoped for the best. My betta was directly interested and chased the shrimp all the time. I was worried, the shrimp were stressed. Every night I put my betta back in his cage (betta’s tend to hunt at night apparently..). I did this a looong time (I think a month). and one day I just decided that it was enough since my betta completely lost interest in the shrimp (during the day).

      Now every time that I clean his tank (I take out the plants and of course the shrimp and fish). I put the shrimp back in first (with a dripping method since those little fellas die quickly of drastic changes) and then, when Im completely finished, I put the betta back in his tank. the shrimp prefer to live in colder temperatures than a betta (23-24 C˚) so it’s a bit difficult in the beginning to find the best temperature for both. Mine’s on 25-26C˚ but during the summer it goes up to 28C˚ :/that’s reaaaally not good for shrimp. Don’t be stupid like me, don’t buy pretty (pricy) shrimp, chances are high that those aren’t going to survive. I would say go for red cherry’s or ghost shrimp they are hardy and very active!

      if you have any questions, just let me know. 🙂

      • Wow thank you for your detailed reply 🙂 I got a couple a very good advices and tips. I also have a cage to put the betta in when I need to clean the tank, I put him into my other tank into the cage, its not see through so he’s calm. Im also going to buy more moss and grass for the shrimps, and follow your advices. Thanks a lot!

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