Swim In Peace little X. 07.07.14

Yesterday, I checked the water of my newest tank (set up begin june). The water was perfectly good, so I decided to make the big jump.
my female betta X (she has a big X spot,.. yeah I know original name) should have been the first female betta for my sorority, she would be the oldest one. I saw her grow, get bigger, fatter and more vibrant. I really loved her. Little did I knew she was going also going to make a big jump..

I was gone for the whole day so when I returned I checked if she was still okay.. I did not found her in her cage, nor the tank…

I hate to think she suffered for hours. It’s my fault, I should have known that she was going to jump out.

She was 3,5 months old, lovely, curious, vibrant, fast. She’s still a beauty.

Swim In Peace little X. 07.07.14


The last picture of X.




Her very first picture. I will always love you little X.

2 thoughts on “Swim In Peace little X. 07.07.14

  1. Hi, sorry to hear about the loss of your Betta! We’ve lost a few fish in the past that have jumped out of uncovered aquariums, its always a bit sad. Hopefully this won’t discourage you… they’re such beautiful fish to have around. Great pics, and its been nice to see a Betta kept in a proper spacious tank with lots of plants – just what they really like! 🙂

    • aww well thank you. I went to the fish shop today (my intention was to get a new female betta) but I don’t know.. I think Ill wait a bit… I bought 16 rasbora trilineatas for the aquarium of my brother (1,60 m) instead.
      I always wanted to buy fish on aquabid but I recently found out that this would cost at least 60 euros/betta..
      anyways, I thank you for your comment 🙂

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