I bought the plantzzzz

Well I bought a lot of plants for my newest tank, I put some in apple’s tank because I don’t have enough space to store them. My female betta (she still doesn’t have a name yet!!!) is in her little vase while im working on the new tank.


IMG_2283 IMG_2284

-why are you demolishing my home human!?-


I also made a DIY CO2 system for the new tank. what did I use? sugar, yeast, hot water and cold water. that’s it!

IMG_2296 IMG_2290

Tadaaaaaa, I know, its still a bit messy but the water will be cleaner next week.. Im still looking for a good hang-on filter. And I decided to put the female betta in a little cage in Apple’s tank. that way, I don’t have to clean her vase daily (YESIMLAZY).



Little plants!

IMG_2293 IMG_2294 IMG_2309 IMG_2295

the grass is already growing YAY.

IMG_2311 IMG_2315

YOU ESCAPED. WHUT. Back in your cage you little one!

IMG_2301 IMG_2297

Apple is NOT amused, the shrimp don’t give a damn. That’s it folks!

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