I know it has been a while..

I know it has been a while…. But I was quite busy the last couple of weeks. I finished my jury (and I still don’t know if I passed or not,..). After that I just wanted to take a real break so I went to the beach with my boyfriend. It was all nice and all but we had a heat wave here… I returned completely burned and red back home.. To my big surprise the weather at home was very humid and hot.. both of my tanks gave 29 degrees.. which is reaaaallly dangerous for shrimp. both of my bettas were at the bottom, also not feeling good.. So I quickly made a 60 % water change. The plants didn’t look great either.. a big chunk had to be thrown out because it was completely rotten or yellow… So clearly I can’t leave my tanks 4 days ‘alone’ (my brother was supposed to feed them and turn the lights off,.. he did not do that.) My female betta ate two shrimp. my male did not. Ill have to buy a lot of aquarium products (stress coat, easy life profito, conditionner,..) tomorrow.. and ask for some advice for the plants..

I wanted to start my third and biggest tank tomorrow but Ill have to wait.. Oh and also, have a serious talk with the brother (who’s neglecting his tank COMPLETELY)…


so this is how my tank was before leaving… (all green and beautiful). tomorrow Ill post what 4 days of ‘neglect’ can do.ImageImage

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