Evolution betta tank

A little evolution of the betta tank 😀

first: the tank looked really ugly with no live plants (except the floaters..) and one hiding place. I used my playmobil as hiding places. It worked for a while but I had to clean the tank regularly because the filter stystem wasn’t working really good and the heating wasn’t very reliable.. Apple still made lots of bubbles nests and was very active.

2014-03-18 02.46.03 2014-03-18 02.46.11 2014-03-18 09.45.05

The second tank looked already better: the filtration system worked better and the tank had of light (I put it close my window). I added some live plants too. Apple still made bubbles nests but was quite shy.

2014-04-21 21.31.59  2014-04-21 21.35.502014-04-20 09.18.43

The next step was to put more live plants in the tank and add some soil (marbles and sand) because there was a lot of light (and algae) I had to cover one part with a drawing, Apple was less shy now and loved his new little plants 🙂

2014-04-25 19.15.222014-04-25 20.42.13

Apple enjoying his plants.

2014-04-25 20.43.06  2014-04-25 20.44.332014-04-25 20.45.34  2014-04-25 20.45.40

The last step was to add more plants and moss. Apple also got fatter so I have to be a little bit more accurate on the amount of food pellets  give him. He still flares a lot but made no nest -I used to disconnect the filter system right before I went to bed because it was noisy but not anymore so there’s a lot of current in the water..the bubbles don’t stay in one place like they used to-

Im still saving for soil, plant substrate, a good filtering system and heater.


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