“New” tank!!!

Today I bought a second hand tank (kringloopwinkel ftw!), I only payed 2,50 euro!!! The tank itself is a bit dirty but after a good cleaning will look like new!
My hands smell like vinegar now but im very happy that I bought this beautiful 30 liter tank! A brand new one costs 45 euros in the store.. the funny part is, I wasn’t even planning in buying or even going to the secondhand shop today, I still had a lot of stuff to do for school but I wanted to please my mom who loves to go there. My betta will be VERY happy!

I cleaned the tank and some scratches stayed but ohwell  I don’t mind. I already have a (crappy) cleaning system, a heater (but I think Ill have to buy a new one, because this one doesn’t work well) but no lamp or thermometer. I checked online and some second hand lamps are sold for 30 euros (the new ones costs over 70 euros). So I think Ill go for the second hand version…

Here are some pictures of the tank after a good cleaning.
Don’t mind the house, I haven’t cleaned my own house in days xD !

2014-04-19 16.32.08 2014-04-19 16.29.45

–> some dirty green stuff stayed at the bottom.. but you won’t see it afterwards anyway.

2014-04-19 16.31.51 –> Some scratches on one side.


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