Mopani wood for the shrimpies and rooibos for the betta

So today I bought this little piece of (Mopani) wood for my shrimp tank. After boiling it for 20 min and scrubbing him I finally put him in the tank. But I had to move all the plants (and even broke some of them :/)… Anyway everything is back to normal now. I also did a water change, tomorrow Ill test the water again. The shrimps looooove the mopani wood!! After the water change they were a lot more active and are constantly swimming and eating now 😀

I also put rooibos tea in the betta tank for his fins (after changing his water I found a piece of tail… UH OH).

2014-04-19 17.41.45

Here’s the piece of wood before boiling it –> has a very light brown color. but after boiling it, the piece of wood was quite darker.

And here’s a before and after pic.
2014-04-10 10.27.41  2014-04-19 22.19.48

Shrimpies all over the place!
2014-04-19 22.21.20 2014-04-19 22.22.35  2014-04-19 22.22.55

The rooibos teabag in my rather empty looking betta tank..
2014-04-19 22.24.06 2014-04-19 22.24.51

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