New Shrimp!

Today I bought some new shrimp (red ones), they are still very young and tiny but they’ll grow fast! I bought ten shrimp but I hardly see them in my tank. I still have a problem with my betta (he eats my shrimp like they were chips to him). I would not have a problem if he would eat one of them every week or so but an animal stays an animal. I put him back in his cage. makes me very sad because I really love him and don’t really want to sell him/get rid of him but I don’t have another option right now. I don’t have enough money or time to take care of another tank. I have already been looking for a 60 liter second hand tank but it will take a lot of time before this tank is completely ready for the betta. And Im not sure that my betta can wait until then.. I demanded some money to my parents but they said that it’s my problem and that I should take care of it (and they are right, I bought the fish, so now he’s my responsibility). I was also wondering if I could do those drawing commissions again for a new tank. But the problem is: right now Im pretty busy for school (its my last year so I have to do a BIG project that takes a LOT of time and energy). And after that I have to work.. :/ still not sure what im going to do.

2014-04-13 17.32.53 2014-04-13 17.33.04 2014-04-13 18.23.312014-04-13 18.23.47  2014-04-13 18.23.58 –> some new shrimp and snails

for this picture I thought that one of my blue shrimp died. I was wrong he just shed his skin. The shrimp is still alive and incredibly blue!

2014-04-13 17.33.19  2014-04-13 18.21.582014-04-13 18.23.10

My betta is also doing well: you can clearly see it at his color.

before and after (time: two weeks)

2014-04-03 20.12.24                 2014-04-13 17.36.04

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