After the release.. the mess.

As you can see, two days ago I released my Betta in his new tank. He was first in a little cage because I was afraid that he’ll eat my shrimp. Then I decided to divide the tank in two, one side for the shrimp and the other for the betta. I did this so he could get used to the idea of living together with shrimp; that way he can see them walking around and get used to the fact that he’s not the onliest one in the tank. after a couple of days I decided to get rid of the wall with holes so he can fully get to know his tank. He was very happy now because he had more space to swim but was very curious of his tankmates… I decided not to take a risk at the first night so I put him back in his little cage when I went to sleep. The next morning I saw that there was a living shrimp IN his cage! I didn’t even knew how the shrimp got there but I was very happy to see him alive. The Betta didn’t even showed any attention to him.. So I thought:” my betta isn’t that aggressive after all” and decided to free him completely. even at night. BIG MISTAKE. The next morning I saw one bumblebee in two, rotting at the bottom of my tank… Now I made a deal with my mother before buying the betta because the guy at the store already warned me. The deal was: if the betta shows to be aggressive with the shrimp we will return him. I know that the hole purpose of this tank/blog was made around the betta but tbh I cannot let the shrimp live in these conditions. And I’ve been quite a fan of them since I got them. They’re very interesting to look at. So I decided to sell the betta. I will miss him, but this big boy will certainly live in a better/bigger tank without annoying shrimp around him. And thats for the best. So If any of you are interested in a BEAUTIFUL crowntail betta, mail me!

2014-04-07 17.09.33   2014-04-07 17.06.53

–> My betta looking at the wall with holes.

2014-04-10 10.27.41   2014-04-10 10.33.44 2014-04-10 10.28.23  2014-04-10 10.35.10

After the release, he was very intrigued by the shrimp. He always staid at the shrimp house.. And he was constantly flaring, so I decided to put him back in his cage at night…

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