Babies and a new home for my pleco

Today while I was cleaning the tank of my brother I found out that the big halfbeak had babies! 3 of them! They’re adorable and are getting big (they eat A LOT). I did not mind having 3 extra halfbeaks to feed, we also decided to give our pleco away (for free!), He was getting reaaaally big and was clearly not happy anymore (he can barely move around because he will break everything..). after I posted a tiny ad about him I quickly got some answers, so he’s going to a happy new home today! Now I only need to catch him..

2014-04-09 17.02.30  2014-04-09 16.56.43 –> the babies (and mother)!

2014-04-09 16.56.35   2014-04-09 16.57.04

My giant Pleco who found a new home today!

2014-04-09 16.57.26 2014-04-09 16.57.18

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