… and now some bad news..

  • results before water change (yesterday):

25 Cº
8 KH (a bit too high)
7,5 PH
NH4: <0,05 – 0,1 mg/l (good)
NO2: 0,2 mg/l (too much)
NO3: 120 mg/l (awful!)

  • results after 50% water change (today):

25 Cº
6 KH
7,2 PH
NH4: <0,05 – 0,1 mg/l (good)
NO2: 0,05 – 0,1 mg/l (still not good enough)
NO3: 50 mg/l (BAD)

as you can see the nitrate levels are wayyyy too high, but im afraid that ill kill too much bacteria if I do another 50% water change..
Or should I wait more and make another test a week later?

I already have lots of plants for my tank (anubia,cabomba, one marimo ball, egeria densa, lots of salvinia natans (tank is 20 liters). 


2014-04-09 16.53.18

–> I decided to buy HS aqua Denibac, the guy at the store said that I have to add 10ml every time I change the water and let the new water at least 1 day in a bucket before putting it in the tank.. So that’s what Im going to do for now on..  He also said that my tapwater contains already a HIGH level of nitrates because my region is a farming region, They use lots of products that go directly to drainwater; that water gets cycled and cleaned (but not all the nitrates go away).
Ill have to buy special osmotic water from the store if the quality doesn’t get better..  😦 

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