Today I bought a JBL combiset test kit. I really needed it. I was in luck because it was 20% off (I paid 45 euro)! It was getting really annoying to take water with me everything I went to the fish store to let it test. Someone on told me that those 6 in 1 test strips were not precise enough and on the long run, a test kit would save money (and is more precise) so I did it… Im to read all the instructions now and test my kit!

Photo on 08-04-14 at 14.15 copy

Yeah I know, freaky fish background here ;D

Photo on 08-04-14 at 14.16

I also bought some shrimp pellets and JBL Furanol for my brothers tank (He doesn’t have much time now and some of his fish are sick so I decided to help him out). same thing here, Ill read everything on the manual !





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