After a failed attempt, A SOLUTION!


My plan was: make a net  and put it in the middle of the tank (like a wall whith holes for the water circulation) I even took pictures of how to do it and, finally, when everything was set, I put my betta on one side of the tank and all the shrimp on the other.. and guess what? my net kept straight BUT apple was just too curious, after playing with the net he decided to just slip between the net and glas. I was not prepared to that! But I caught him quickly and put him right back in his cage (boy, he was angry). I didn’t knew what to do. my local fish/animal store does not sell those tank dividers so I had to make one myself..

2014-04-07 17.04.24  2014-04-07 17.04.33

my solution? Well first, I decided to make a little shrimp net from my previous failure. I used a small piece of wire and sew the net around it. I sewed my net to a  plastic tube (those you can buy in art stores for architecture students…)

—> here’s an example:

after that I used plexiglas to make the wall, I still had to make holes in it (big enough for water circulation but small enough for my shrimp!) I called my brother for that 😛 He really helped me and this is the result!

the holes are not perfectly aligned or so (some are even bigger than others) and the plexiglas cracked sometimes but this was my onliest option and I personally think that my brother did a great job!

2014-04-06 11.10.09

–> To adjust the plexiglas to my tank I added on both sides plastic tubes (the same I used to make the shrimp net).       2014-04-06 11.07.322014-04-05 20.52.11

the reaction of Apple was pretty priceless!

He loved it! a bigger tank for him and new neighbors! 

Now I am reassured; my cat can’t annoy my betta anymore, and Apple doen’st have to stay in his little cage anymore!

2014-04-06 11.08.14 2014-04-06 11.06.56  

Apple in his new tank/cage

So Today I decided that it was time to put my betta in his new tank. His other tank had no lid and my cat was constantly annoying him (AND the filtration system was wayyyyy to hard and loud).

Before I put him his new tank I took care of the shrimp. I read somewhere that it was very important to put the SHRIMP FIRST and once the shrimp are completely accustomed to the tank and when they know the best hiding places are, I put  THE BETTA. But I didn’t wanted to take the risk, so I decided to put him in a little cage. Now he gets accustomed to the sound, water but also to the swimming shrimps around him…

2014-03-31 23.35.01


He wasn’t very happy first and was constantly flaring (I was surprised because he wasn’t like that in the other tank, when he was alone). I was kind of doubting this whole idea of “happy living shrimp/betta” because he was very territorial..2014-03-31 23.37.39

The shrimp on the other hand didn’t really notice him.. 2014-03-31 23.38.08

Sometimes they came very close to the cage (my betta was immediately very interested but didn’t flare)

So now I will let the betta one week or so in his cage before doing the next step: giving him more space !2014-03-31 23.35.43