2 thoughts on “Guppy

  1. NIce little setup you have there! 🙂 I notice you have sand as a substrate?? What do you think of it?? I was going to set up one tank this week with all sand but never have used it before… I like the look though… Looks very natural.

    • thank you!
      yes its sand, and it looks pretty and natural but you have to be careful when you are cleaning your tank; every movement in the water will make everything blurry. and if you own a huge pleco like me, you’ll have to clean the tank regularly and thats annoying because you WILL suck up sand with it.. (so keep an extra bag of sand of the same color close to you!) I heard that sand is not suited for shrimps but mine don’t seem to bother much..
      The fun thing with sand is that the landscape will be constantly changing (the flow of water) and it’s very easy to plant/remove plants.

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