First Post

So here’s my first post.

I would like to give some information about this blog (why I started it and what my “goal” is) but first a little introduction about myself is needed.

Im Pebble (you don’t need to know my real name), im 21 years old and I currently live in Belgium. For years now I’ve been waiting and saving to get my very own aquarium to have my own Betta -I loved these fishies since I was a kid, but I never could have them because they were too aggressive and my daddy didn’t wanted to see all his fishies die because of a betta AND they also said that I would never ever have the patience to maintain my own tank- anyway, now that Im a bit older and experienced -for years now, Ive been helping my brother to maintain his own tank that is much bigger than mine- I decided to buy my own tank.
I wanted to show to my family that YES I can be patient about something and NO Im not going to give up just because something isn’t working like it should be!
My goal is not only to have a tank and keeping it clean, its also about enjoying something that you’ve been working on since years. Im not attending to become “the fish person” and buy 6 others tanks or something (although I deeply respect those who want to because that’s a lot of work and commitment). I just want to make my fish and shrimps happy and healthy.

Here are some pictures of my tank:

IMG_1497  IMG_1494

Now it’s not much. It has enough hiding places and plants for my betta but also for my shrimps (yes, I also wanted to have little shrimps because I find them VERY interesting). I bought my tank about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been cycling the water, cleaning the sand,.. testing the water over and over again AND NOW: my tank is finally ready for the shrimps!


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