the plants are finally growing!

I can finally say: my co2 installation payed off. I was skeptical about it because sometimes my set gave no bubbles at all (so I had to shake the bottles every day). After adding two more bottles to my set (counting now 4 bottles), the bubbles are now constant. the plants are quickly growing and are bright green. Everything is going well now. I don’t even have to clean a lot (but of course I do it every week). It’s almost self-sustainable :D
I tried to take some pictures of the zebra danio but these little buggers are so damn fast!

Here is a little evolution of my brother’s (it’s not really his anymore but I still call it like that).
ps: make sure to check the update video  of this tank!

2014-08-02 17.04.11

1. the very beginning: putting background plants in the foreground >.< I knew nothing of plants. constant green and brown algae


2. when I actually gave up and wanted to sell the thing. no fish survived. the filter system was worthless.


3. I gave it another try. new sand, new stones and new filter system.


4. It got eventually better, but everything was still pretty empty.


5. grow grow grow little plants!






YAY CO2 party!

I made my own CO2 set. It wasn’t the first time; I tried several times already but the result was always negative. I recently found out that I need use a specific kind of plastic tube (one that is pretty hard and thick) to make my CO2 set work. An other mistake was that I used water bottles,.. apparently the (plastic) bottles for water (and milk) is just too thin; you really have to use a coca cola, fanta, sprite bottle to make this work!

to make everything easier (because you will need to fill your CO2 bottle every week) I bought some bottle caps from ebay and a CO2 glass diffuser. Once you have everything, the set up is very easy and quick. There are dozens of bio-CO2 recipes online,.. they all differ a little bit. Some use a lot of sugar other prefer jelly and boiling water… the most important part is to have your whole et up leak free, onze you have that, you can easily switch to a better recipe etc. make sure you don’t use too much CO2 though. Im using quite much because there are still no fish in the tank, and Im having problems with algae. once the plants are thriving I will slowly lower the CO2 amount.

I made a little video of my CO2 set :)

IMG_20150228_153432015_HDR IMG_20150228_153615699