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shrimp update!

So I cleaned all the tanks today and I took the opportunity to count the shrimps. Turns out I have 12 left (so.. 2 died but I never found any body). The flowers of the anubias aren’t going well either. the second flower completely rot from the inside. Maybe it’s because I stopped giving profito because I bought something else for the plants and I also added more ferro today (maybe a bit too much). But well see, I hope all rest of the plants are going to be okay next week.

after the cleaning I gave the shrimps some pellets and they loved it (or were very hungry)!

I was looking for a better lighting for the tank of my betta because the plants don’t seem to grow really well although they have plant fertilizers, co2 and ferro.. I did something wrong but still do know what..

Im maybe also planning to do another blog about drawings and art but im not sure yet, I won’t have a lot of time in august and september.. I was also planning to buy 5 females for my sorority but checked the shipping prices and they are horribly high (I would pay -+ 50 euro/betta). I spotted different females that are reallllly stunning but they will be probably sold by then ;D 

IMG_2499 IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2502 IMG_2503 IMG_2504 IMG_2512 IMG_2513

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Brother’s tank doing better!

IMG_2479  IMG_2491

After a lotttt of cleaning, filtering sand, taking out dead plants, making everything flat and putting every plant back in (basically after changing everything), my brother’s tank got much much better. The (remaining) fish didn’t show any signs of dropsy and began to eat more. we decided to buy new plants, a big piece of wood and ofcourse, new fish. We decided to go for 12 rasbora trilineata (or scissortail rasbora’s).

IMG_2487 IMG_2486 IMG_2485



Apple and the shrimps

Well here are some pictures of Apple, he is much larger and fatter; right now Im giving him a lot of food since Ill be on vacation in september (the whole month) so he’ll have plenty of time to fast. My brother will check on him and hopefully also clean the tanks. Apple is still doing great though.

IMG_2472 IMG_2473 IMG_2474

My shrimp are also doing good, the are huge and bright red!  I had some problems with a rasing temperature the last weeks but now I just unplugged the heater and check the temp. now and then. it was 28C˚ and now its gotten better (25-26 C˚) But it’s still waaayyy too hot for shrimps…

IMG_2475IMG_2476   IMG_2478IMG_2477

The plants are also growing here, every anubia has a flower now! They’re beautiful and bright yellow. The moss is also growing, the shrimps love it.


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Aquarium shopping!


Guys guys guys I bought new stuff for my tanks! The first thing is biological filter media (superfish) then I bought a TDS meter with calibration solution and tested it immediately (after calibrating) turns out: my shrimp tank has a higher ppm than the tank of my brother. It’s not excessively high but it could be better (especially for shrimp).

 IMG_2463 IMG_2465   

I also bought a hang on back filter (finally!). Ive been looking for a good one for months now. I found some HOB filters on ebay but decided not to do it since the shipping cost costed more than the actual filter..
I went to a european (BENELUX) website called aquarush it’s pretty good, the prices are decent, the shipping cost too. So here’s my filter! I was supposed to buy those flimsy filter pads that cost an eye but decided to do it my way since I had this new filter media. I used activated carbon (JBL) and fine white filter whool and, as a final touch the new filter media. I must say the new filter is verrrrry quiet!


I also checked my DIY CO2 system since I had some problems earlier (bubbles coming out of the caps, giving too much bubbles,…). The whole thing works! the plants are growing and getting better (I had some problems with algae).

IMG_2467  IMG_2468
Plants are groooowing!


Swim In Peace little X. 07.07.14

Yesterday, I checked the water of my newest tank (set up begin june). The water was perfectly good, so I decided to make the big jump.
my female betta X (she has a big X spot,.. yeah I know original name) should have been the first female betta for my sorority, she would be the oldest one. I saw her grow, get bigger, fatter and more vibrant. I really loved her. Little did I knew she was going also going to make a big jump..

I was gone for the whole day so when I returned I checked if she was still okay.. I did not found her in her cage, nor the tank…

I hate to think she suffered for hours. It’s my fault, I should have known that she was going to jump out.

She was 3,5 months old, lovely, curious, vibrant, fast. She’s still a beauty.

Swim In Peace little X. 07.07.14


The last picture of X.




Her very first picture. I will always love you little X.


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