shrimp update


I cleaned my shrimp tank today… The plants are growing way too fast, I constantly need to cut them but I guess that’s a good sign. The shrimps are getting bigger and all the females are pregnant. I have never seen a baby shrimp before so Im super excited! The other baby halfbeak is still in the shrimp tank (he’s not dangerous for them, He’s still very tiny) and is growing and eating well. I still can’t take great pictures of them since they’re so tiny (and fast!) my camera was dead even before I wanted to make a little video of them so Ill just show the latest pictures of them.. I also noticed that my anubias are getting bigger, I spotted two new leaves this week (Profito is working!).

2014-10-12 18.12.37 2014-10-12 18.12.28  2014-10-12 18.12.07   2014-10-12 18.11.05

Tank cleaning and fotoshoot!

2014-10-12 13.58.31  2014-10-12 13.59.59

Hi guys,

As you can see on the pictures I have some problems with algae that keeps growing.. I hoped that this problem would go away when I bought the right lamp and profito (+ferro) for the plants, but it got even worse so now Im just panicking… This tank was supposed to become the prettiest one but I keep having trouble with it.. I thoroughly cleaned the plants, grind and filter today but there’s still a lot of algae..
On the other hand, before cleaning I decided to put my betta in a separate tank so he wouldn’t get stressed out so much. I finally took some good pictures of him posing!     2014-10-12 14.35.49  2014-10-12 14.37.19  2014-10-12 14.38.19  2014-10-12 14.38.44  2014-10-12 14.41.102014-10-12 14.40.30     2014-10-12 14.41.17 2014-10-12 14.41.48

tank update

Hi guys, I almost forgot to post something here.. during all the vacation I haven’t seen my tanks a lot. I’ve been enjoying my free days! But since Im back home now I though I could give you guys a little update. While I was gone my brother took care of the tanks and he did it really well! No dead shrimp or betta which is a relief. The plants were a lot bigger and needed to be cut so after cleaning I almost had a bucket full of plants!
2014-09-27 18.17.21  2014-09-27 18.22.08
Most of the plants didn’t seem to grow well in Apple’s tank (and lots of algae growing everywhere) so I was in luck and thrown out the rotten pieces and used the buckets plants.. I know what’s wrong now. the lighting. I use a normal lamp not an aquarium lamp that makes plants grow..

2014-09-27 18.31.58  2014-09-27 18.22.35

That problem is also finally over! I decided to buy a good lamp and a new lid for the tank (plus profito for the plants). It wasn’t cheap but Im glad I did it.

2014-09-27 18.21.52

The halfbeak baby is still a baby but already gotten fatter so everyday I count every shrimp, halfbeaks tend to eat them…
Im think of putting him together with Apple when he’s big enough! Here are some obligatory pictures of Apple, the baby halfbeak and one of the shrimps (ps: two shrimps are pregnant).

2014-09-27 18.18.33 2014-09-27 18.24.13 2014-09-27 18.22.47